Programmable Electronic Loads
Tech Notes
TDK Product Features
In addition to a wide range of regulated DC power supplies, TDK also offers DC electronic loads under the TDK-Lambda brand. The SFL series of DC electronic loads from TDK-Lambda features fast response and linear current change from zero volts, with a load power rating of 300 W / 1 kW. In the testing and measurement field, being able to establish many different load conditions is a crucial requirement. The DC electronic loads from TDK-Lambda offer flexible load current control through a range of operation modes, including constant current (CC), constant resistance (CR), constant power (CP) and constant voltage (CV). The products are highly suitable for use as dummy loads in evaluation testing of various types of equipment. In addition to high response speed, the SFL series also allows current variation overshoot control. A USB interface is standard, enabling options such as GPIB communication and ripple meter functionality.