Automotive Solution

Efforts made in TDK’s products for automotive use

The optimal solutions for the future of automobiles are offered comprehensively.
Automobiles are now facing a new stage of evolution through the spreading of xEVs (electric vehicles) and advances in self-driving technology.
TDK supports your business by producing new concepts through the manufacturing of products such as with power solutions and sensor solutions.
TDK’s electronic components and devices come in a wide variety of products ranging from automotive grade capacitors and inductors to TMR sensors and hall sensors, advanced compound sensors including software products, DC-DC converters for xEVs and automotive chargers, neodymium magnets and ferrite magnets for motors, and more while contributing to the increased safety, low energy consumption, and comfort of automobiles.For a glorious future in automotive technology, TDK, which possesses comprehensive technologies based on materials technology, can serve you as a highly dependable partner.


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