PQSine® - Active Harmonic Filter and Power Optimizer
Tech Notes
TDK Product Features
The PQSine S-series of active harmonic filters is designed to mitigate harmonic oscillations in order to consequently reduce wasted energy, improving the system efficiency while reducing harmonic pollution up to the 50th order. It can also be used for the correction of phase imbalance, and current discharge in the neutral conductor in case of a 3P4W configuration. In addition, they can help to reduce flicker phenomena. PQSine S-Series monitors the current signal and compensates the unwanted elements of the measured current. In this way, the filter ensures harmonic suppression independently of the number of loads. Ideally, PQSine can be used in hybrid solutions, for example, with a 7% detuned PFC (power factor correction) system to achieve the best results from a cost/benefit point of view. PQSine S-Series is available in wall or floor-mounted versions with rated voltages from 380V, 480V and 690V. PQSine S-Series features a rated filter current up to 150A for wall mounted systems and up to 600 A per floor mounted panel.