What is a TMR Angle Sensor?

A TMR angle sensor is a type of magnetic sensor that detects the direction of the magnetic field of a magnet.

These products incorporate TDK’s accumulated magnetic technologies and thin-film technologies and boast high precision, high-reliability, and excellent temperature characteristics.
TMS sensors can operate stably under a wide range of temperatures. Because of this, they are increasingly used as automotive components, which require high precision and reliability. They also feature low power consumption and are used in a broad range of products in addition to automobiles including consumer products such as robots and smartphones.

TMR: Tunnel Magneto Resistance

Features of TDK’s TMR Sensors

- Magnetic sensor industry’s highest class of angle precision
- Excellent environment resistance, high-reliability design that maintains performance over long periods, and compatible with automotive grades
- Extremely stable output characteristics over a wide temperature range eliminates the need for temperature correction processing
- Extensive lineup of automotive-grade analog and digital products compatible with redundant designs to achieve ASIL compatibility
- Analog response performance that supports ultra-high rotations speeds in excess of 1 giga-RPM (theoretical value)
- Provision of packages that contribute to overall system compactness, weight reduction, cost reduction and soldering reliability


TDK was the first in the world to commercialize automotive TMR sensors and began shipments in 2014.
TDK’s TMR sensors are used in a wide range of applications including automobiles, which are becoming increasingly automated and electrified, industrial equipment, which is often used in environments prone to dust and contamination, and consumer products, which need to be compact and have low power consumption.
TDK is able to meet high-precision sensing needs around the world with TMR sensors that have unparalleled high angle precision.


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