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Electronic devices generate electromagnetic interferences, which can affect the proper functioning of electronic devices and systems. As the need to ensure EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) continues to grow in importance, TDK has developed a wide range of products designed to protect electrical and electronic equipment against EMI (electromagnetic interference). The deep portfolio includes electronic components ranging from miniature chip beads and 3-terminal filters for mobile devices, common-mode filters for computer networks and automotive bus systems, to EMI-filters for AC or DC power lines, LCL filters and reactors for industrial electronics installations. Our common-mode filters, for example, are suitable for high-speed differential signal interfaces in IT and communications devices such as USB 3.0, DVI, HDMI, and Serial-ATA. The common-mode filters for automotive bus systems such as CAN, FlexRay and Ethernet are designed especially for fully automated manufacturing processes. To meet the need for high-density packaging, we constantly strive to make each product smaller and thinner by putting our advanced material and multilayer processing technologies to full use. The extensive line of EMI filters for AC and DC power lines ranges from components with miniature footprints to those that can support high currents of up to 2500 A.


Nov. 6, 2017
Chip Beads: "Selection Guide" has been updated.
Sep. 7, 2017
EMC components: Current-compensated ring-core chokes for home appliances
Aug. 29, 2017
EMC Components:High-impedance chip beads with lowest DC resistance
Jul. 20, 2017
Power line EMC filters: Compact single-phase EMC filter RSEV series that offers improved connectivity
Jun. 22, 2017
Chip Beads: "Selection Guide" has been released.

Product spotlight

EMC Output Filter SolutionsEMC Output Filter Solutions

High performance output solutions for frequency converters

Miniaturized thin-film Common-mode filter:TCM0403RMiniaturized thin-film Common-mode filter:TCM0403R

Footprint nearly 60 percent smaller than existing products with same common-mode attenuation

ACT45L SeriesACT45L Series

World's smallest common-mode choke for automotive Ethernet

EMC filtersEMC filters

High performance in a very compact design

EMC filters  - LeaXield™EMC filters - LeaXield™

LeaXield™ minimizes earth leakage currents