Komponenten zur Blindleistungskompen­sation

Product Lineup

Schlüsselbauelemente - PF Controller und Zubehör
Schlüsselbauelemente - Kondensatorschütze
Schlüsselbauelemente - Thyristormodule und Zubehör
Tech Notes
TDK Produktbeschreibung
The PhaseCap®, DeltaCap™ and PhiCap™ series of power capacitors in cylindrical aluminum cans are designed for low-voltage applications. Loads such as motors and transformers not only consume active power, but reactive power as well. Generators, supply cables and other electrical distribution equipment, therefore, must be relieved of reactive power. In addition to the various series of EPCOS PFC capacitors, TDK offers a broad range of key components for PFC and harmonic filtering. The product portfolio covers power factor controllers (PF controllers) for conventional and dynamic PFC (BR series), measuring devices, capacitor contactors, thyristor switches for dynamic PFC (TSM series), anti-resonance harmonic filters, and active harmonic filters (PQSine® series). All components are perfectly matched to each other, allowing one-stop-shopping from a single source.